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Smith Devereux


We farm and make our wines sustainably (everything by hand) and use no animal products. And that’s usually when the conversation ends... but it’s actually where it should begin, because what happens after crush is just as important as what happens in the vineyard...

What do we do? Use the lightest glass bottles possible because every milligram a bottle gets heavier is exponentially worse for the environment. Utilize laser printing to avoid countless gallons of wasted ink that are otherwise sent to landfills. Avoid foils and other costly frills that dress bottles up but ultimately just cause more waste. And we use 100% recyclable shipping materials in the cool months and bio-degradable shippers in the summer. We tried canning with Maker wines, made boxed wines with Really Good Boxed Wines, and continue explore new ways to reduce our footprint and be green!

We’re always looking for the latest eco-friendly technologies (check out Mischief!) and would love any ideas y’all might have.