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Smith Devereux

2X Best in Class  | 3 GOLD MEDALS  | 100 POINTS!

2019 Vinatage Coming soon along with My Sister Sharita CA White Blend!

Before taking a sip of wine my mother used to always say “we toast our glass, with a touch of class”. Rosetta B. Kyles was a beautiful woman with red hair, freckles, and a thirst to Educate and we named Setta after her. “Go forth and do great things,” she would charge to my younger sister Sharita and I, and she indeed practiced what she preached as a reading specialist for over 30 years. This wine is a tribute to her legacy; sophisticated, relatable, tasteful, inviting, generous –with a burst of joyful attitude at every encounter. 

A relaxing day in the vineyard with my now good friend, Ian Devereux, inspired a connection that led to this flavorful wine. Conversations filled with BIG Laughs, insights and a desire to serve others yielded a bottle that’s filled with life and love.

And as this friendship has grown, so too has our portfolio of wines... And it's with great pleasure that we released My Sister Sharita, a crisp and refreshing white blend named after my sister to honor the love, kindness, courage, intuition, and intelligence she embodies.

10% of all profits will be donated to RedRoseReads foundation to support literacy programs everywhere. It’s what my mother would've wanted, therefore I implore you all to “Toast a glass with a touch of Class” 

Enjoy! Live, Love, Laugh. I’ll  Holla! 

Cedric the Entertainer 


The 2nd Vintage of this delicious, 100 point, 3X gold medal-winning, 2X Best in Class Napa Valley Red Blend made in partnership with Cedric the Entertainer. 

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A refreshing, crispy, citrusy, California delight named for after Cedric's sister Sharita.

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January Release!

This delicious, 100 point, 3X gold medal-winning, 2X Best in Class Napa Valley Red Blend is made in partnership with Cedric the Entertainer as a tribute to his mother, Rosetta B. Kyles. 

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