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Smith Devereux


Ian Devereux White (Founder + Vintner)After traversing the US with Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Ian traveled the world learning about wine and winemaking and writing about his experiences for 7x7 Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, San Francisco Magazine and other wine and lifestyle media. He sponsored events ranging from the Napa Valley Film Festival to Live in the Vineyard and the Best of Wine Country Awards. Ian co-founded Smith Devereux (first vintage 2012) and is the Vintner, overseeing everything from vine to bottle. He coaches adult boxing, coaches his kids sports teams, is active in a number of local charities and bands. He sits on the board of the Monarch Family Justice Center and strives to incorporate philanthropy into all aspects of his life. 

Steve Smith (Founder) 

Steve has 19 years of experience in the music business, focusing on A&R, artist management and strategic partnerships. He has worked with likes of John Mayer, Train, Five for Fighting, Mat Kearney, Andrew McMahon, and The Fray. Steve's pivotal role in the successful launch of Verse & Chorus Napa Valley Red Wine fortified his knowledge and love of wine, and allowed him to bring his expertise in strategic brand development, relationship management, and partnership formation to the wine industry. After this national success, he joined Smith Devereux as a founding partner.   

Rudy Zuidema (Winemaker)

Winemaker Rudy Zuidema grew up in the small agricultural community of Davis, where he attended the University of California at Davis, studying Plant Science and Agriculture Management focusing on Viticulture, graduating in 1991. His first wine cellar experience was at St. Clement Vineyards, working with local winemaker Dennis Johns. From there he climbed the industry ladder with positions in turn as assistant winemaker, head winemaker, vineyard manager and general manager at Cuvaison, Honig, Robert Craig, Ehlers Estate and White Cottage Ranch. He studied organic and biodynamic farming, receiving CCOF and Demeter certifications on several ranches. He is focused on sustainability and prides himself on his stewardship of the vineyard sites. He has been working with Smith Devereux for nearly 10 years and took over as winemaker and vineyard manager in 2023. 

John Anthony Truchard (Founder / Board Member)

John (left) was raised in a grape growing family. His parents, Tony and JoAnn Truchard, planted their first twenty acres of grapes in Los Carneros in 1974 when John was two years old. Over the next sixteen years, John experienced all stages of vineyard development, including acquisition, land preparation, planting, management, and sale of fruit and finished wines. John finished his studies at the University of California, Davis and started Vinewerkes, a small vineyard management business, and for several years focused on caring for other people‚Äôs vineyards. In 1997, he planted his own vineyards, and he and his wife, Michele, started the John Anthony Vineyards wine brand in 2003, the first of ten sell-out seasons. Vinewerkes now manages more than 26 vineyards in Napa Valley, and John Anthony Vineyards and John's other brands, Jam and Butter, are now distributed in over 35 states.