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Smith Devereux

Join the Coolest Wine Club in Napa Valley

Friends, you have come to the right place. Home of the Smith Devereux Club. Nailed that name didn't we? Why only one club? Because we've designed a club that is so awesome you only need one option. We make wines, we give you 20% off and ship them to you for $12 ($2/bottle), you drink them, and you come hang in the vineyard when you're in town. Everyone is happy. This club is also 100% user choice. What does that mean? We prepare a shipment for you 3x a year. Awesome. Now let's say you only want red wines and are ok missing out on our award-winning Chardonnay, Rosé or SB White Blend. Totally cool, just update your shipment with the wines you desire and we'll send them to you. America is great, isn't it? In addition to getting your allocations of Smith Devereux wines (the best part), you'll get killer discounts, special offers, hats and cool stuff, wines and spirt projects that no one else will even hear about, and you'll be on the inside track to our wine dinners, events, parties, and the other unique experiences we have planned.

Here are a few benefits of joining our club:

Member discount pricing (20%) on purchases throughout the year
$2/bottle ground shipping when you 6 bottles or more
Wine delivered to your door 4x a year (Feb, May, August, November )
Special opt-in holiday treat of rare and exclusive wines and spirits
Access to ‘tween’ specials (when you're be-tween club shipments)
Access to club only wines, limited holiday sets, hats, shirts, distillery projects and more
First shot at tickets to Smith Devereux events, plus access to other luxury events 
Complimentary tastings and vineyard tours (inquire

Oh, right... we do have one other very special club. 
Contact us about the "BALLERS" club if you love the wines and want to MAX out your perks. 

Join this club. Seriously, it's pretty great. We send you wine. You drink it. You share with your friends. Everyone is happy. Remember that band you discovered before everyone else and how excited you were to share your new discovery? That's this club!!! Four times a year we'll send you six bottles of our award-winning wines (shipping is only $ 2 per bottle), satisfying your wine needs for a few good dinners or tantalizing your palate enough to stock your wine rack (or cellar) with cases of Smith Devereux—using your 20% member discount, of course. We hope that you will join our family in raising a glass, or a few, with the Smith Devereux Club!