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Smith Devereux

Barbie Blank B.Tasteful Rosé

"My love for wine began with cooking and grew quickly..." 

When cooking, I begin by choosing the person I want to share a meal with and then I picture the perfect evening from start to finish. Once I have that vision I choose a wine, and find a pairing that sets the perfect flavor and mood. But it isn’t just about pairings, I’m captured by the sweet details; from region and soil, to winemaking and flavor, and everything that goes into the intoxicating and sensual experience of wine. Somewhere along the line I fell in love with rosé because it’s so incredibly diverse. It’s never too hot or too cold, or the wrong time of year, or the wrong time at all, to sip on a rosé. I was introduced to Smith Devereux at a charity event and learned quickly that I not only loved their wines, but that we had the same passions and dedication to helping others. My journey with wine also began in Napa Valley, so it’s fitting that my winemaking journey would begin here as well.


B Kind, B Confident, B Strong, B Yourself.

B Tasteful.